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Prada Triangle Plate Pink Charm on Necklace

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  • HARD TO FIND - pre-loved Prada Plate Necklace
  • Repurposed PINK triangle plate Charm Necklace
  • Limited stock
  • On Sterling Silver or 18k white gold-filled chains (NOT plated or toned - So it Won't Fade or turn!)

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    • B. Chic,

      Jenny B.

      • W H O   I S  ✧ J E N N Y  B.
        Jenny Bs Goods specializes in reimagining, repurposing & refurbishing authentic luxury vintage pieces. We reduce the carbon footprint that comes with purchasing new. We offer our customers unique, nostalgic and affordable designer pieces while giving each piece versatility, longevity, and a whole new life!

        A U T H E N T I C I T Y  
      • We guarantee all our designer pieces are authentic. Our items are carefully curated for uniqueness and sourced from partners who are experts at authenticating vintage designer pieces. Whenever possible we label the original piece in the item description.

        C O N N E C T  
      • Please reach out to us via message or email if you have ANY questions or concerns! 
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          D I S C L A I M E R  
        • Jennybsgoods is not affiliated with Prada and does not benefit from any trademarked and copyrighted materials used. All trademarks remain the sole property of Prada. Any designer material used in this piece was previously owned or a second-hand item purchased lawfully on the secondary market.

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